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French Culture Guides

Fashion Beyond Fashion Bog by Nunzia Garoffolo

www.freakchic.com by Gazelle

A shade view on fashion by Diane Pernet


The Village Voice Blog(La Daily Musto) by Michael Musto

www.blackbookmagazine.com (Good Night Mr.Lewis)


“Looking Back Softly” by (Good Night Mr Lewis)
Interview 2.www.blackbookmagazine.com


You tube video(1) by Gazelle

You tube video(2) by Gazelle

Eva Muller blog

4 Pictures in the www.nytimes.com

www.scallywagandvagabond.com / 1

www.scallywagandvagabond.com / 2

French Morning (24th of February, 2010): link

French Creative Connection (25th of March, 2009): link

Art Teaser (16th of March, 2009): link

Sinovision TV Interview (8th of March, 2009): link

Art Info (6th of March, 2009): link

French Morning NY2 (15th of September, 2008): pdf

Now Chelsea (2nd-8th of May, 2008): pdf

The Villager (30th of April-6th of May, 2008): pdf

Downtown Express (25th of April-1st of May, 2009): pdf

French Morning NY (24th of July, 2007): pdf

France-Amérique 2 (18th-24th of November, 2006): pdf

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